A cocktail of inventiveness, performance, emotion and networking.

Short, topic-based business meetings

Performance- and contact-based billing models

Outstanding venues that deliver the best-in-class live experiences

Elegant and compelling apps

A technology strategy that optimises engagement


Networking is the beating heart of any event.
Our networking app is key to making every event a success. It gives you the guarantee of only connecting with individuals who match your interests or profile.

Business matchmaking is embedded in our model.

Our virtual communities bring added value to the in-person events you attend. They offer efficient decision-making support and give you access to an unparalleled network of contacts to grow your business throughout the year.

Innovation reshapes the whole event experience. From VR, AR, Facial Recognition and Voice Tech to RFID, AI and 3D, nothing is off limits when it comes to delivering an outstanding experience that is ever-more immersive, innovative and interactive.

Attendees are always on the lookout for additional opportunities to network, interact and share experiences with their peers. They are particularly interested in peer testimonials and want to be actively involved in events. In order to make that happen, we tailor all event content to the audience. Each programme is specifically built around your market, needs and preferences.

Our interactive formats include:

  • Storytelling Keynotes
  • Campfire sessions
  • Experience learning
  • Solution rooms
  • “Debate corners”
  • “Lightning talks”
  • The World Café
  • BrainDates

New preference patterns and habits are starting to emerge. Events are becoming increasingly participatory, shaped by multidisciplinary programmes inspired not only by the business world but by more creative sectors, giving rise to a new blend of experiences. Festivalisation is sparking unprecedented emotions, strengthening ties and fostering interaction. Our events are built around an extensive range of experiences:

  • Music
  • Food
  • Art
  • Gamification
    New technology
  • Fashion
  • Mediation
  • Media
  • Science